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We are developing metamaterials, metasurfaces, and nanoplasmonic structures for manipulating light, with focuses on infrared sensing and spectroscopy, dynamic control of thermal emission, thermal light sources, thermophotovoltaics, and solar energy conversion.  We also develop new theories and numerical tools to quantitatively understand thermal based light matter interactions in both the near- and far-fields.


Nanoscale energy transport and conversion

Energy transport at the nanoscale can dramatically deviate from the behavior predicted by classical principles because characteristic length scales of nanostructures are usually comparable to the wavelength or the mean free path of energy carriers such as photons, phonons, electrons and molecules. Leveraging these nanoscale effects, we are not only studying fundamental nanoscale energy transport phenomena, but more importantly, developing new nanostructured materials and devices specifically for thermal management, active thermal control (thermal switches and thermal diodes), and multifunctional materials.


Nanofabrication and advanced manufacturing

We are developing novel thermal and optical devices using state-of-the-art nanofabrication techniques. We are also applying scalable  manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing, CVD, and thermal drawing, to manufacture functional metal alloys and devices, and polymer thin films and fibers. We actively work in the John and Claire Bertucci Nanotechnology Laboratory (Nanofabrication Facility) and the Next Manufacturing Center at CMU. 


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