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Our lab was founded within the CMU Mechanical Engineering Department by Prof. Sheng Shen. We are a highly interdisciplinary research group with a broad range of expertise in thermal and optical measurements, material synthesis, device fabrication, and theoretical modelling. Our research focuses on nanophotonics, nanoscale energy transport and conversion, nanofabrication and advanced manufacturing, and their applications in light sources and devices, infrared sensing and detection, thermal management, thermal emission control, solar or thermal energy conversion, and others. We are grateful for sponsorship, past and present, from ARL, DARPA, DOE, DTRA, NASA, NSF, and ONR. 


Recent Publications

L. Jing, R. Cheng, M. Tasoglu, Z. Wang, Q. Wang, H. Zhai, S. Shen, High Thermal Conductivity of Sandwich‐Structured Flexible Thermal Interface Materials, Small, 2207015, 2023

Lab News

Feb. 2023: Our recent work on 'sandwich' thermal interface material was published in ACS Nano.

L. Jing, R. Cheng, R. Garg, W. Gong, I. Lee, A. Schmit, T. Cohen-Karni, X. Zhang, S. Shen, 3D Graphene-Nanowire “Sandwich” Thermal Interface with Ultralow Resistance and Stiffness, ACS Nano, 17, 2602, 2023

X. Liu, H. Salihoglu, X. Luo, Z. Wang, H.S. Yun, L. Jing, B. Yu, S. Shen, Direct measurement of electrically modulated far-field thermal infrared emission and its dynamics, Accepted to Physical Review Applied, 2023

H. Salihoglu, Z. Li, S. Shen, Theory of thermal radiation from a nanoparticle array, Applied Physics Letters, 121, 241701, 2022

Nov. 2020:  Our lab received a DURIP award from ONR.

Sept. 2020: Jiayu and Phil successfully defended their PhD theses. Wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Aug. 2020: Our recent work on dual-mode solid-state thermal rectification was published in Nature Communications. 

Jul. 2020: Prof. Shen was officially promoted to Full Professor with tenure.

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