Welcome to the CMU Nano Energy Laboratory led by Dr. Sheng Shen in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CMU. Our lab is dedicated to multidisciplinary fields including nanoscale energy transport and conversion, nanophotonics, and renewable energies. Research topics in our lab include:



  • Nanophotonics and Nanoplasmonics

  • Nanoscale Heat Transfer

  • Multifunctional Nanomaterials



  • Solar Thermal Energy Conversion

  • Thermal Management

  • Thermoelectrics

  • Thermophotovoltaics

  Recent News


  • Ramesh's paper entitled "High-contrast and reversible polymer thermal regulator by structural phase transition" was published in Science Advances.

  • Ramesh's paper entitled "Crystalline polymer nanofibers with ultra-high strength and thermal conductivity" was published in Nature Communications


  • Ramesh's research project was reported in Phy.org as "Spinning high-strength polymer nanofibers".


  • Wei's paper entitled ''Ultracompliant Heterogeneous Copper–Tin Nanowire Arrays Making a Supersolder" was published in Nano Letter


  • Jiayu's paper entitled "Tunable narrow-band near-field thermal emitters based on resonant metamaterials" was published in Physical Review B.


  • Jiayu's paper entitled "Graphene surface plasmons mediated thermal radiation" was published in the Journal of Optics.

Sheng Shen

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